30th January 2020

Winter skincare talk!

Taking care of our skin is one of the most important self-care rituals there is, and halfway through the winter months, it may be something that many forget. The days are colder and shorter, leaving our skin a little dull. This is where the all-important winter skincare comes in!

It doesn’t require you to have to escape to a new sunny place to get some sunny TLC, however much we would love to advise that… Here are 5 easy steps for your winter skincare to get ready for the summer months. 

1. Waxing

Within the world of waxing, we see every winter people wax less and less. The truth is, there is no better time to wax than during the winter months. By the time it gets to sundress season you will see an improvement in hair and skin quality. Pop down to the salon for a wax and you’ll be on your way to getting ready your skin smooth and glowy for summer.

2. Watch the products you use

Winter is rough! The wind, the rain, the hail – It takes a tough toll on your skin. Not only do you need to make sure you are properly protected against all weathers, but checking in with the products that you use will help! You don’t want to be using things that take away moisture from your skin, thus using hydrating moisturisers (especially on your neck and face) is suggested by dermatologists.

3. Exfoliation tendencies

As skin varies, so does the way you exfoliate! Some skin may react differently to all kinds of weather, whilst some may take in moisture very easily, other skin types may dry out very easily during the winter. In which case, you should listen to your body. If your skin has become dry during the cold season, exfoliate less and keep up the moisturising of you skin. 

4. Damp skin vs. the cold

It may seem a silly tip, but going out into the cold with damp skin can cause damage to it. Especially if you are not regularly taking care of it! Whether it’s waiting for your face spray to dry, or staying a few extra seconds at the hand dryer, it’s worth making sure that you are not making your skin suffer unnecessarily! In the case that this occurs, it is always handy to carry around a pot of skin moisturiser. 

5. Diet and hydration

Staying hydrated is always related to good skin, no matter the weather. Your skin can be particularly prone to breakage, and thus becoming dry, during the winter. So making sure that you are properly taking care of yourself from the inside and out is of vast importance. Stick with eating foods with vitamin C, this produces collagen and thus giving you healthier skin, hair and nails (bonus!). Try to reduce the caffeine and stick to water, even better, why not try infused water?

Stick to these winter skincare tips to make your way to the best summer skin possible!