10th October 2019

Benefits of waxing

The main benefits of waxing during winter

Every year the waxing world gets a reality check – suddenly, people stop waxing during winter! We understand that the benefits of waxing are unparalleled to any other form of hair removal, and we want to make sure that everyone else does too. So, here are the 4 main benefits of waxing during winter to remind you why you should be doing it!

1. Pain, pain, it goes away!

One of the most common benefits of waxing, especially during winter, is that it will keep up the waxing cycle. Going through the few minutes of discomfort will eventually result in a painless wax, especially as your body hair starts growing thinner. 

Just like getting used to any kind of pain, the more you go through it the more desensitised you become. Maintaining your waxing routine will make sure you don’t go months without a wax, just to feel the maximum pain all over again once summer comes back around.

2. Improvement in body hair quality

Waxing, in general, makes your hair grow back thinner over time. So, keeping up a waxing routine during winter will make sure that this cycle is continued, and by the next summer, waxing will be a breeze!

How does waxing make body hair thinner? Waxing is essentially pulling your body hair from the root. The more it is done the more it is damaged, meaning that the body hair will grow thinner and thinner each time.

3. The benefits for your skin all year round

One of the things we love about the world of waxing is that the skincare never stops. Waxing during winter lets you maintain a healthy body skincare routine. There are numerous elements to waxing as a beauty treatment. Whilst leaving you with smooth legs and a healthy appearance, it also strips away dry and dead skin cells helping you achieve a more even skin tone. Maintaining your waxing during winter will contribute to the constant improvement of your skin, which you will be thankful for during the summer months!

4. Waxing vs shaving

Whilst shaving can be done in the comfort of your home, the risk of using a blunt razor can end up irritating the skin, causing razor burns and itchy skin. It will also result in your hair growing back thicker than it was before! If that’s what you’re after, then it’s the perfect option for you. Now, comparing that to a few moments of pain, waxing has the most gain!

Get your winter wax on (and off!) 

So, summer has gone! Waxing during winter may not hold the ultimate benefit of showing off your legs in your summer wear, but that shouldn’t stop your skin from looking and feeling its best! The benefits of waxing reach further than a soft silky finish, which is perfect for the cosy pyjamas and your favourite cocktail Christmas party dress! Get your winter waxing on track by booking your first appointment with our exceptional beauticians!